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Join our seminars and webinars to empower your skills and knowledge. Tired of traditional seminars and lectures? With us you will learn in a playful and creative environment about psychological safety, high performance teams and strategies for a digital world.

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Psychological Safety

Language: German / English
Duration: Two days
Location: Remote / Onsite

Is your team reaching its full potential?

More than 20 years of research have shown that Psychological Safety is a key factor for the success of teams and companies. In teams with a high level of Psychological Safety, almost all performance indicators are higher. You think your team is able to do better? In our workshop “Psychological Safety” you will have a deeper look at research results and real-life examples of Psychological Safety in companies and why it is so important. You will learn what Psychological Safety is, what happens without it and how you can establish a psychological safe environment.

Unlock the full potential of your team!


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High Performing Teams

Language: German / English
Duration: 6 Sessions à 2 Hours Location: Remote / Onsite
Date: January 20, 2021

Why are some teams better than others?

Teams are at the core of value creation in organizations. To enhance the performance of a team we need to understand all levels – the individual person, the team and the systems that surround those. You want your team to get better than others?
In our workshop “High Performing Teams” you will understand how to develop yourself as an individual and become a high performing team collectively while coping with dynamic environments.

This certification course includes an AEM analysis and a one hour 1:1 Coaching per participant.

Let’s find out together how your team can get better than others.

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Language: German / English
Duration: 3+2 days
Location: Onsite

Feeling there is an elephant in the room but nobody talks about it?

It is easier to visualize your own perspective than to describe it in words. So we at fable+ developed the Landscape Workshop. The purpose is to draw a map of your environment including actors like yourself, your teammates or stakeholders. We are using Schleich® animals to represent different persons, demonstrate the relationships between them and indicate different perspective of the work environment. The Landscape reveals the status quo and fosters openness & transparency within teams.

This workshop includes a moderation case (worth ca. 950 EUR) which consists of all the things you need to do a Landscaping+ workshop.

Learn how to facilitate the “Landscaping” workshop by yourself and reveal the unsaid.

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Digital Product Management

Language: German / English
Duration: 6 Sessions à 2 Hours Location: Remote / Onsite
Date: March 10, 2021

Why do successful companies fail?

Often companies are not aware of the endless game of todays competition. Having one successful product will not keep you successful forever. In our workshop “Digital Product Management”, our goal is to provide a chance to experience the phases of product management in today’s digital world. In order to achieve this, we will start with an overview of Product Lifecycle, use Design Thinking practices to start our journey from the Ideation phase, bring our ideas to solid backlog items ready to be delivered to an Agile Team. Meanwhile, we will keep an eye on our customers using the view of the Lean Startup.

This workshop includes a one hour 1:1 Coaching per participant.

Learn how to remain successful in a fast-changing environment.

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Digital Strategy

Language: German
Duration: 6 Sessions à 2 Hours
Location: Remote
Date: April 6, 2021

Is your company ready for the digital century?

Digitalization has gained relevance in various industries in recent years. In this context, the issue of digital strategy has come to the fore. Find out where your company is currently positioned in terms of digitalization and how the environment around you is developing. We will discuss which initiatives in the digital context are already in place and how they can be integrated into an individual digital strategy. You will learn how to develop a digital strategy from scratch, with regards to the generic options you have. This workshops forms the basis for the workshop “Digital Transformation of Business Models”.

Learn if you are prepared for the digital future!

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Digital Transformation of Business Models

Language: German
Duration: 6 Sessions à 2 Hours
Location: Remote
Date: January 12, 2021

Do you need to adjust your business model to stay competitive?

Some companies are already using digital transformation to their competitive advantage. Customer requirements can be met in a better way, cycle times shortened, and costs can be reduced. In this workshop you will learn why digital transformation of business models is so important. The digital transformation is not only relevant to production processes but also to the change of products, services, internal processes and cross-company value chains. The digital strategy of a company is implemented by the digital transformation. The digital implementation includes leadership and technology in the digital age.

Learn how to fine tune your business model to secure your competitive advantage.

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