Unlock the power of your teams

Team culture and collaboration are more important than ever. With InsightScan you can easily see what is affecting your team’s performance and take targeted actions to become more motivated, engaged, and resilient.


A first-of-its-kind app to understand and drive team performance

With remote work, tight budgets, and time constraints, it can be hard to know where to start with building a more agile team culture. Which is why we’ve eliminated the guesswork.

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Uncover team culture with the touch of a button

Use our web-based app to automatically send 10-minute surveys to your team, measuring psychological safety and motivational factors that drive performance.



Get immediate, visually engaging results

See analytics and AI-powered recommendations immediately, so you and your teams know when, where and how to get started.


Access help from experienced coaches

Certified coaches – yes, real human coaches, help you understand the data and plan action steps to take your teams to the next level.


Why psychological
safety matters

Team members should feel connected to each other, open to being themselves, and safe to share their ideas. In fact, people in high-trust organizations are 50% more productive, 76% more engaged, and experience 13% fewer sick days than those in low trust environments.*

Download our white paper to see how psychological safety is the key to performance.

*Source: Harvard Business Review, The Neuroscience of Trust

Scale from 5 to 500,000+ people

Startups and
mid-size organizations

Use in office and for remote work

Fast and measurable impact

Automated insights

Teams can use independently


Create high-performance culture across organization

Ideal for HR, R&D, management, and innovation teams

Easily scale across units and geographies

Strict data security

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Coaches and

Use as a coaching tool and as a client offer

Quantitative, objective assessments

Measure factors that impact culture and performance

Track before and after goals

Tap into the latest research

Our app is rooted in science and validated through experience.

Check all your boxes

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Data security

GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified, with multiple server locations

Anytime, anywhere

Cloud-based and always accessible from any device


Ability to mirror your unique organization by setting up different teams, access levels and user rights

Trusted by teams

100% anonymous and confidential results

Long-term value

Continuously updated content for ongoing engagement and effectiveness


No long-term commitment or setup fee

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